A Smart Drain Floor Trap Adds Beauty to Walk-In Showers

A new trend in today’s world is the idea of fabulous walk-in showers. These showers that are being created are tiled beautifully. They have lavish colors and glass walls, bricks and so much more. The showerheads and other features of the showers are designed to match and enhance the beauty of it. The only thing that messes up the style of these showers is the drain. This is about to change. A smart drain floor trap adds beauty to walk-in showers rather than take it away.

When you look at a stylish walk-in shower, the last thing you want to see is a big gaping drain hole in the floor. It makes sense. There is nothing appealing about it. They can take away from the beauty of the walk-in. This is not the desired effect. However, it is necessary to have one. Without it, shower water would not have anywhere that it could go. It would just sit there, in the shower, getting grosser by the day until it overflows. Who wants that mess to deal with?

Instead of dealing with traditional drains, you can use the drain to add even more style. A smart drain floor trap with marbled tile will be perfect in most walk-ins. With this style, the drain will practically disappear among the other tiles in your shower’s floor.  If you are choosing a darker theme for your shower tiles, you may choose a brass floor drain. Perhaps it can match your new showerhead? For people who simply do not want a marbled tile on the floor, you can opt for stainless steel drains that will remain shiny throughout the years.

A new smart drain floor trap can drain the water. It works as well as all other drains available, but better. It can also trap the gunk that gets washed down our drains. This means that soap residue, hair, and so much more will not end up in the pipes. You will spend less time dealing with clogged drains. It will all get caught in the trap where it will stay until you clean it out. How much easier will it make your life to not have to go digging with a plumbing snake to fish out clogs?

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